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An Instrument rating gives a Pilot the ability to fly by reference to instruments only. It makes you a safer pilot and is a required rating by all professional pilots. Our Instrument training course is the next step after you receive your Private Pilot Certificate and can be started after you complete our Private Pilot course.

Getting your Instrument rating not only makes you a safer Pilot, it also gives you a discount on your Aviation Insurance rates. Most insurance companies offer a significant discount for Pilots that are Instrument rated.

Here are the requirements that must be met to become an Instrument rated Pilot:

  • Have accumulated 50 hours of cross country time. 10 hours must be in an Airplane
  • 40 hours of actual or simulated Instrument time. 15 hours must have been received from an authorized Instrument Instructor.
  • 3 hours of flight training from an authorized Instructor withing the preceeding 2 calendar months before the date of your practical test.
  • Instrument flight training on cross country flight procedures include:
    • 1 cross country flight in an airplane with an authorized instructor performed under instrument flight rules.
    • A flight of 250 miles along airways directed by air traffic control.
    • An instrument approach at each airport using 3 different kinds of approaches.

Our Instrument Training course will take you through all the necessary requirements and is designed to exceed all the FAA requirements. We work to make your training as efficient as possible to save you money and time. We are partnered with Gold Seal to help you with the Instrment Pilot ground school. The course is designed around interactive video based lessons and will be completed at home in between flight lessons.

We do our Instrument training in a PA28R-200 Piper Arrow. The aircraft is equipped with a Garmin Avionics suite including a GFC 500 Auto Pilot and a G5 PFD and HSI. You will earn your complex rating while working on your Instrument training. This rating is required for your Commercial certificate so having this rating and complex airplane time will help you down the road when you start on you Commercial training.

We have financing options available. We have partnered with Flight Training Finance to help our students get all of their training completed without having to be limited by finances.