Flight Training Financing

Final Approach Aviation is excited to announce that we have partnered with Flight Training Finance LLC to offer Financing for our students.

 Don’t let the cost of flight training stop you from becoming a Pilot. With our financing options you can complete your training without having to worry about money. Financing your flight training will accelerate your progress and relieve the stress of having to come up with the money for that next flight lesson.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the repayment terms? Repayment terms are based on the number of lessons per week you would like to take. 1 lesson/week = 72 months, 2 lesson/week = 60 months, 3 lessons/week + 48 months, 4 lessons/week = 30 months, 5 lessons/week = 18 months.

What if I don’t use all of my training funds? If funds are left over after your training is completed, you will have several options. 1) use the remaining funds to rent aircraft and build hours. 2) use remaining funds to take additional training. 3) terminate your program and have remaining funds credited to your account.

 What if i want to stop my training? You have to right to terminate your training at any time. at the time of termination all unused funds will be refunded to you.

What are the interest rates? Our contract interest rates range from 12% – 18% depending on your qualifications. Generally, the interest rate will be lower than what you would pay on traditional credit card accounts.

Are lower interest rates available? Our preferred customer interest refund program is a simple way to earn back up to 25% of your interest. If you make all your payments on time the interest will be recalculated 3 percentage points lower than your contract rate and we will refund you the difference. Your effective interest rates charged will then work out to between 9% -15%.

 The financing is designed specifically for part time fixed wing private or instrument training. Advanced ratings may also qualify if they fit into the financing limit.

Please visit Flight Training Finance to learn more.